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 Academic Sponsorship

If you want to pursue higher education in a US university (M.S., Ph.D), aim at getting some financial assistantship. When you get financial assistantship, the University pays for your education either partly or fully. 

Types Of Assistantships:

It is not as difficult as it sounds to get some kind of assistantship. 

There are 5 different kinds of assistantships that you can aspire while applying for admission to these courses:

  • Scholarships from external agencies

  • Fellowships

  • Research Assistantships

  • Teaching Assistantships

  • Tuition Fee-Waiver

Exemption Scholarships  are generally offered by third parties to bright students. They can cover either your education or some expense related to education. NeoVeda itself has a scholarship scheme to encourage students. There are many resources available where a serious student can recoup most of the money spent on the application procedure.

Fellowships are generally given to students, who, the Universities feel will be assets to their departments. They are paid the money (tuition fee + stipend), without any strings attached. This is of course the best possible form of assistantship you can get. However, the competition is usually stiff.

In a Research Assistantship (RA), you assist a specific professor with his/her research, writing papers etc. Here, you are expected to put in 10 - 20 hrs every week, besides your own studies, The RA may partially or totally cover your tuition fee as well as providing you with a stipend. 

A Teaching Assistantship (TA) requires that you help a professor with his/her teaching responsibilities (conducting tutorials, correcting homework etc.). Again you have to devote 10 - 20 hrs per week for this purpose. Generally, professors look for English speaking proficiency and a good score in TSE (Test of Spoken English) can be a strong point in your favor. 

Earn While You Learn :

Sometimes you may get a full or partial tuition fee exemption if you are a bright student, but the department does not have enough funding to support you. In such a case, you are expected to find a job in the campus to support yourself. 

The Americans firmly believe in dignity of labor, and you will not be looked down upon no matter what type of job you do -- Whether it is in the canteen, library, computer lab or any other place. But even here you are required to put in a given number of hours in addition to your studies. 

Thus, you can be sure that financial aid or scholarships to study in a good US university can be within your reach if your approach is right. This is where the CD can help you -- and this is just one of the seven advantages that the CD can give you.

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These are the kind of comprehensive explanations you get for 2511 questions, in the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Sections. 

GRE Sample Test 1

Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical sections -  - Comprehensive explanations

Section 1) Sentence completion
Section 2) Analogies
Section 3) Reading comprehension
Section 4) Antonyms 

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Strategies for academic sponsorship

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