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free gre test prep material

Free GRE Test Prep material  (Power kits) 

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FREE  GRE test prep material (FreeMentor Power kits )
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1. Think like a Graduate - is a 100 page e-book for grad school aspirants.
2. GRE Kit - An E-book + "GradMentor" CD Demo.
3. Vocabulary Kit - An E-book + 100 Words Demo +  Crossword
4. Articles power Kit -  An E-book to master the usage of articles "a, an, the".


FREE GRE Sample Test 1

Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical sections -  - Comprehensive explanations

Section 1) Sentence completion
Section 2) Analogies
Section 3) Reading comprehension
Section 4) Antonyms 

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Strategies for academic sponsorship

GRE Big Book
A Big Step Forward

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The GRE power kit with new Writing Assessment

The book that covers all aspects of taking the ETS computer adaptive tests.  It teaches  you the A-Z of GRE-CATS and once you know this, you will understand any CAT by the ETS.  More important, it shows you how to handle a tougher GRE CAT. You get the real insider information.  Along with the Power Kit, you can also download the FREE demo version of ATS-GRE CD.

The Vocabulary power kit

An E-book "How to improve Communication Skills".  This will give you tips for increasing your word power. A demo version of WordMine with 100 super ETS words.  Word learning has never been easier.  You see the word in a context, in a dictionary, and work with it through a series of exercises until you finally know it inside out.

The Articles power kit

A unique E-book that teaches you the correct usage of the  articles ("a", "an", "the").  It divides the exercises into four categories based on their level of difficulty.  In the end, when you get the last ones right, you can be assured of your mastery of articles.  In short, your study of grammar starts here. 

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